Tips for Trips

Tips for Trips

Of course, you can use the Semesterticket not only to go to university but also in your free time. Please click here to find information about where the ticket is valid.

To make your search easier, we have put together some destinations for you.


The Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum offers easy-to-understand lectures on astronomy, as well as 3D radio plays and concerts.

The “Deutsche Bergbau Museum” (German Mining Museum) houses interesting exhibitions on the history of mining. A special highlight is the museum’s artificial but very authentic mine. From the pithead frame you have an amazing view over a large part of the Ruhr area. Afterwards you can visit the Kemnader lake. Since you can also take a bicycle with you free of charge at the VRR, you might want to take a tour around the lake using your bike. From Essen it takes 20 minutes to get to Bochum, from Duisburg it takes about 15 minutes longer.


At the Dortmunder U you can visit interesting multimedia exhibitions; the admission to many exhibitions is free. Only 10 minutes away you can find the showroom Comic + Cartoon. At the moment the exhibition “Take that Adolf. Second World War in the Comic” is shown there.


On some Thursdays, the Philharmonie Köln opens for free lunch. There is nothing to eat, but there is half an hour of first-class music instead. In Cologne, you can also try the cable car across the Rhine. It takes you from Deutz to the zoo in six minutes (or the other way around, of course). From there you have a great view over Cologne.


Good weather is the best prerequisite for exploring the Dutch city of Arnhem. Visiting a Dutch city with our Semesterticket? No problem at all! You can go there by train with your Semesterticket and explore the city!

Arnhem has a beautiful city center with a lot of street art, an open-air museum with classic Dutch buildings and the Eusebius Church with a glass elevator and dome. By bus or bike, you can also visit the Hoge Veluve National Park. Arnhem is perfect for a day or weekend trip.


Although Osnabrück is not in NRW, you can still go there using your Semesterticket. You can get there from Essen in just over 90 minutes. There is a lot to see in the city. The old town is also worth visiting. If you miss the university too much, you can go to the castle, which houses parts of the University of Osnabrück. And even if the weather is bad, you can explore the different museums.


We recommend going to the Sauerland if you want to spend a weekend away in the nature. The Sauerland is a hilly area in the south-eastern part of NRW with lots of forests and lakes.

The cycle route Sauerlandradring covers 80km and was built on old railroad track which means that it is not very steep. The best way to reach it is via the train stations Meschede or Lennestadt-Altenhunden. From Duisburg it takes about two hours, from Essen it’s a bit faster.

The highlight of the Sauerlandradring is the so-called bat tunnel (but note that it is closed in winter to protect the bats)

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