The Chair

The Chair is responsible for the work of the AStA. They coordinate the prioritization and cooperation of all core departments of the AStA and represent the student body of the University of Duisburg-Essen externally, i.e. towards the university and the Studierendenwerk, the local and state government, and the press.

In order to represent the interests of the students within the University, the AStA Chair has an advisory vote in the University Senate, the highest internal decision-making body.

The AStA Chair represents your interests honestly, responsibly, and emphatically, even if things get unpleasant.


Aylin Kilic

AStA Chair

Room:T02 S00 K16 (Essen) / LF 019 (Duisburg)
Phone number:Essen: 0201 1834147
Duisburg: 0203 3791317
Telefax:+49 (0)201 1834233
Office hours:Wednesdays 11:15am to 12:45pm, BBB at Moodle