Submit Propositions

Submit propositions

If you study at the University of Duisburg-Essen, you are a member of the student body and therefore have the right to submit propositions to the student committees. You did not know that yet? No problem, it’s quite simple:

Student committees are e.g. the Student Parliament (StuPa), its committees and the General Student Committee (AStA). The meetings are open to the public, but you are allowed to do more than just drop by and participate in discussions. In the past, many student initiatives and projects have successfully applied for support from the StuPa. Like the other committees, the StuPa has a certain budget, i.e. a fixed amount of money at its disposal during the financial year and decides on its use by accepting or rejecting applications with a simple majority.

Usually the StuPa is the right place to start, so here are instructions on how to submit a proposition there:

1.         Use the template (see above) or write a text document containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Topic of the proposition
  • The decision that should be made
  • A justification
  • If the request requires money: an overview of the costs

2. Send the document to: praesidium[at] Please note that you need to send in the documents three days before the meeting but the Präsidium kindly asks you to send in the documents a week before the meeting.

3. Come to the meeting, hand in a signed version of the document at the Präsidium and present your proposition to the parliament.

If you have further questions, the AStA (oeffentlichkeit[at] or the Präsidium (praesidium[at] are happy to help.