Student financing: Legal changes in 2022

Student financing: Legal changes in 2022

This year, a number of important points regarding student financing will change; from winter semester 22/23, the BAföG law is also expected to change once again.

The most important changes to BAföG will be the increase of the age limit to 45 and the increase of the asset allowance to 45,000€. This will allow students to get back into the funding that they were previously denied for these reasons.
If this affects you, you need to take action now and apply in the summer to be funded again.

Other relevant changes/improvements for 2022 include: 
– Increase BAföG rate
– heating allowance
– Minijob limit
– Additional income family insurance
– blanket deduction for income-related expenses
– Basic tax allowance
– Child benefit bonus 2022

Udo, our AStA Social Counseller, has published the planned changes on this page (german) in his readers “Relevante Rechengrößen der Studienfinanzierung” and “BAföG ab Wintersemester 2022 + Tipps zur Antragstellung”. There you will always find the latest tips and information on the topic of student financing. 
You can find a reader in English on help in financial emergencies here

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