If you have any questions about the semester ticket, the Department for Ecology and Mobility will be happy to help you during the specified office hours and by e-mail. You can also contact the service point on this topic. Please write to (download pgp-key; Fingerprint: 556F 3C28 A929 AF87 ADB7 B477 534E A958 BBCC FD01) or use the office hours of the Servicepoint.

+++ 9€ ticket +++

From 1st June to 31st August 2022, a so-called 9€ ticket for public transport use throughout Germany will be available as part of a special promotion. The semester ticket will also be valid nationwide during this period (for details see rights of use below). The difference to the mobility fee already paid will be refunded to all students enrolled at UDE during the campaign period.
After we have been in constant exchange with various offices and especially the university regarding the 9€ ticket and the possibilities of refund over the last few weeks, we have agreed that all eligible students will receive the €79.53 incurred through the benefits via a reduced mobility ticket for the winter semester 2022/2023. All information can be found here.

General Information

The largest part of the semester fee that you have to pay each semester is used for the mobility fee. The mobility fee currently consists of 154,56 € for the VRR-Semester Ticket and 58,50 € for the NRW-Ticket.

The ticket consists of two parts, the VRR ticket and the NRW ticket. Different terms of use apply in both. More about this in the next section “Rights of use”.

The mobility contribution is a solidarity contribution and not a usage fee. In case of little or no use, the amount is non-refundable. You cannot enrole without the semester ticket, it is obligatory for every enrolled person. Only in this way can we offer you the cheapest ticket in all of NRW. This solidary contribution is democratically legitimized by ballots, which took place in 1992 (VRR ticket) and 2007 (extension to the whole of NRW) also at the UDE. These decision were approved in a strike ballot of all students of the UDE in 2015.

In order to use public transport, it is not enough to carry your student ID with you. You must have a ticket and a photo ID with you. You can find out where to get the ticket in the section “Download travel authorization”.

Rights of use

Basically you can use the public transport in the 2nd class everywhere in NRW (except long-distance traffic of the Deutsche Bahn or private providers). Since there is a VRR-part and a NRW-part, there are different usage rights in different parts of NRW.

During the promotional period of the 9€ ticket, i.e. from 01.06. to 31.08.2022, the semester ticket is valid nationwide as described above, i.e. in all local transport vehicles in 2nd class. However, bicycles and passengers can still only be taken along in the VRR area.

VRR-interconnected area

Basically, the VRR regulates the tariff regulations for the semester ticket. On their website you can get more information about the area of validity, purchase of additional tickets, etc.

With your ticket you can use the price level D of the ÖPNV (public transport) in the VRR area. This includes subways, buses, streetcars as well as regional trains, i.e. Regionalbahn and Regionalexpress. You also have the possibility to take a bicycle with you all day long in the VRR area. In addition, you have the possibility to take along another person on your ticket in the VRR area on weekends, public holidays (also on 24.12. and 31.12.) and after 19:00.

The following map shows you the VRR-area:


You can also travel to the Netherlands with the VRR-part of the semesterticket. You can travel to Arnhem (solo), Nijmegen (solo) and Venlo (you can take one person with you), but only on specific travel routes. You can find current information on this topic on the website of VRR.

The rest of NRW and additional routes

In the rest of NRW you can also use the Semesterticket 24/7, but only alone. You cannot use trains like ICE, IC or IC; take another person or a bicycle with you. There are some routes nearby NRW, that you can also use with the semesterticket. They are specified on this map of NRW, notice the red marked lines: StreckenNRWOn this map you can also see, marked in red, the last stations in NRW you can travel to with the semesterticket. The information are from the website of nrw.mobil

Download the ticket

The semester ticket is available as an app for Android and iOS smartphones and as a PDF printout in HISinOne Campusmanagement. It is important that you get this travel authorization, no matter which of the two options, before you start your journey and that you have a valid photo ID with you! If one of these is not present at a ticket inspection, and you have to show it, the transportation company will charge a processing fee.

If you want to use the App-Ticket option, you will need the latest version of the myUDE app. From its home screen, you can access the travel authorization via “Mobility”.

The pdf version is available in the campus management HISinOne, there you can find it under the tab “Bescheinigungen”, also where you can download the study certificate. To access it you have to log in with your university ID. The exact path to the semester ticket is “My studies” -> “Study service” -> “Certificates”.

Further information can be found at

Clarify problems with the semester ticket

If you are written down at a ticket control even though you have a valid barcode (via app or as a pdf printout), or if a bus driver did not let you board the bus, please contact the Student Secretariat.

If you have problems downloading your travel authorization (in the app or in HISinOne), please also contact or the staff of the Student Secretariat. The AStA cannot offer any technical support, as we are not the operators of the systems ourselves.

Refund or takeover of the mobility fee

Under certain circumstances it is possible to get a refund of the mobility fee, e.g. if you exmatriculate before the end of the semester or in cases of temporary financial hardship. You can find more information about this on our special page.

Pre-course Ticket (Vorkurs-Ticket)

The offer for first semester students before the semester starts:
Are you about to begin your studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen and are therefore taking preparatory courses? If so, since the winter semester 2015/16 you no longer have to rely on expensive individual tickets, but can apply for a Vorkursticket. You can find more information on our special page.

More information