Radentscheid Essen

Radentscheid Essen

The AStA supports the initiative “Radentscheid Essen

The AStA of the University of Duisburg-Essen has decided to become an official supporter of the Radentscheid Essen. Radentscheid Essen is an initiative of the city which supports a better and safer infrastructure for cyclists in Essen.

In addition, Gustav Berger, representative for ecology and mobility in the AStA explains: ” The realization of the goals of the Radentscheid is absolutely necessary to make Essen more student-friendly and transform Essen into a city worth living in. At the moment, cycling to university is very dangerous because the lack of bike lanes leads to confrontations with car drivers. In the past, city planning was based on the needs of cars and because of that, our campus is surrounded by main roads and freeways. Therefore, many students don’t dare cycling to university.”

The AStA is part of the group “Globale Nachhaltige Kommune NRW” and works with the city of Essen and several other parties.  Their goal is to include the sustainability goals of the United Nations in the city planning.

Aylin Kilic, chairperson of the AStA, underlines the importance of the bicycle traffic in this context: “A sustainable community primarily requires sustainable transport. So when we declare our intention to adopt measures to protect the climate, we must follow the demands of the Radentscheid and increase the number of bikes on the roads”.

Due to the current pandemic, it will not be possible to collect signatures on campus or at events. The AStA will nevertheless help to achieve the signature goal of the initiative and contributes to make sure that students in Essen will be able to reach the university quickly and safely by bike in the future

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