Petition Student Ticket

Petition Student Ticket

Together with students, we have started this petition in order to demand a reduced price for the student ticket.

Dear responsible persons at Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr,
İn the NRW state government and in the NRW Ministry of Transport,

As students at the universities in the Ruhr region, we are calling for a reduction in the cost of the semester ticket. We know that in times like these we are hoping for support from the citizens, but we are also waiting for understanding consideration of our request.

In the following, we would like to present our motives for creating a petition:

The semester ticket does not fulfill its purpose at the moment – nevertheless we students have to pay for it. We would like to criticize this.

Many students cannot pursue their jobs due to the pandemic and accordingly earn very little or even nothing at all. Thus, the mobility contribution should also be adjusted with regard to this special situation. An application for emergency aid is very time-consuming and is too often not approved, and if it is, it takes an enormously long time to get financial support from the state, as many students are in this situation (currently there is, for example, a processing time of 6-8 weeks for housing subsidies).

The bridging aid was the only support we students were entitled to during this pandemic. After the second lockdown, we are not eligible for financial aid and at the same time, semester fees increase. One cannot “commute” to the university or travel within NRW during the pandemic. Furthermore, we have no access to the library, the refectory or other university rooms.

In addition, the already limited mobility is further restricted by decisions of the federal states, e.g. by the new 15 km rule.

We consider ticket price increases to be unreasonable due to the current situation, and it must also be possible to reduce ticket prices. We therefore demand that more public money be used to finance public transportation in order to make the use itself more affordable. Especially students, who unlike employees cannot do without the ticket, must therefore be relieved urgently.

We want a fair measure that also satisfies the students.

You can sign the petition here.

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