Because of the ongoing Corona pandemic, both AStA offices and the Foodsharers are closed.

In Essen as well as in Duisburg you will find a food sharing station in the AStA facilities. In Essen this is a shelf and a refrigerator right next to T02 S00 K15, in Duisburg there is a whole room (“Umsonstraum”) available in LF023. The rooms are accessible during the normal university opening hours. In Duisburg there is also the “Fair-Teilung” behind or in the building LF (AStA) every Saturday from 15:00.

We believe in “Sharing instead of throwing away” and you can drop off food that is still good, but which you don’t need anymore. You can also drop by at any time to see if you find something that you need and simply take it. The project is supervised by our representatives for ecology and mobility – if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them.

You can also find further information at