Certified Copies

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this service cannot be provided at the moment. Instead, you can go to your local Citizens Registration Office (“Bürgeramt”).

We can make certified copies of documents relevant to your application for the university and documents from the university or other schools (e.g. certificates, transcripts and so on). You can go to the servicepoint in T02 S00 K15 (Essen) or LF019 (Duisburg) to get them.

Attention all students who want to submit the certificates to uni-assist: uni-assist itself accepts them, but they just pass them on to the universities and there are some which do not accept them. If you want to play it safe, get the certificates at the Bürgeramt. Or ask the universities where you want to apply if they would accept our certificates.

You will have to pay 1€ per copy, in cash only. Please bring the right amount.
You do not need to bring your own copies. We copy each document ourselves.
We cannot make certified copies of the following documents:

  • Birth certificates, Marriage certificates
  • Transcripts you printed out yourself without a signature or stamp of the school or university

If you need a certified transcript of records, please go to your examination office.
All original documents should be in German or English. If you need certified copies of documents in other languages, we can only certify official translations.

You can get the certified copies at the AStA servicepoint during their office hours. Please note that a maximum of five copies of each document can be issued in one office hour.

If you want to apply for a university, please consider getting the certified copies as early as possible and remember that you can get the copies during our office hours in Duisburg as well. There will be more requests shortly before the end of the official application periods and we cannot guarantee that you receive the certified copies in time.

In Germany, these periods are:
Until the 15.07. or 30.09., depending on the course of studies for an application for the winter semester
Until the 15.01. or 15.03., depending on the course of studies  for an application in the summer semester.

During these weeks, we ask everyone to request only as many certifications as necessary for the actual university application.

You can always ask at the service point for advice.