Introduction of the Financial Department

Introduction of the Financial Department

Who are you?
My name is Pascal Winter and I’m in my third semester studying socioeconomics.

What are your tasks?
I represent the AStA in financial matters to the outside and in parliament, I draw up the budget for the student body and manage it. To do this, I have to control all income and expenses and allocate them to the respective cost centers. For student self-administration, Markus (Treasurer of the AStA) and I are the first points of contact when it comes to financial questions.

What are your plans for the term?
I accompany all projects of the AStA, they are really quite ambitious this year. My goal is of course to make the best possible use of student finances and to protect them.

A private fact about you…
For a long time I couldn’t handle my own money at all, that only changed when I worked at the AStA. :D

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