Important information about the 9€ ticket

Important information about the 9€ ticket

+++ Status: 11.08.2022+++

After we have been in constant exchange with various offices and especially the university regarding the 9€ ticket and the possibilities of refund over the last few weeks, we have agreed that all eligible students will receive the €79.53 incurred through the benefits via a reduced mobility ticket for the winter semester 2022/2023.

Students who exmatriculate exactly on 30th September 2022 or who are taking a semester off next semester can apply for a refund here.


Why have we chosen this approach? 

We know that a refund to the students’ accounts would have been more student-friendly. Unfortunately, this was not possible. After a lengthy exchange with the university, we were informed that a refund was not feasible by either the university or the AStA. Due to data protection regulations, it is not possible to pass on the students’ data (IBAN etc.) to the AStA. For this reason, we could only choose the option of an offsetting with the upcoming mobility fee.

Who is NOT eligible?

First-time enrolment and new enrolment for the winter semester 2022/2023 as well as students who are on leave of absence in the summer semester 2022 and want to re-register for the winter semester 2022/2023 pay the regular mobility fee of 213,06 €.

The same applies to students whose semester ticket has already been reimbursed by the AStA for the summer semester 2022 upon application or for whom the AStA has already taken over the semester ticket in advance.

What if I exmatriculate (as an eligible person) within the current summer semester?

As before, students who exmatriculate within this semester apply to the AStA for a pro-rata refund of the mobility fee. The reduction will be taken into account and you will receive the adjusted amount. You can find more information about the procedure here.

Special case of exmatriculation on 30.09: There is a special case if you exmatriculate on 30.09. You will have to fill out this special form. You have to use the special form, as there will no longer be a “normal” proportional refund of the mobility ticket at this time, but only the €79.53 based on the €9 ticket can be refunded.

Special case of a semester off in the winter semester 2022/2023: Even if you take a semester off in the coming winter semester 2022/2023, this is also a special case. There is a special form for this as well, which you can use to apply for a refund of the 79.53 €.


What if I have already paid the full semester fee?

The university wrote in an email on 11 July that all students who have already transferred a higher fee for the coming semester (and are entitled to receive the reduction) will be refunded the difference by the university after the re-registration process has been carried out.

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