Grants for students in hardships because of the pandemic

Grants for students in hardships because of the pandemic

Since 16.06.2020, students can apply for “bridge money” from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the months June, July, August, September and November 2020. Depending on the account balance, the grant can amount to up to 500 € per month and does not have to be paid back. The basis for calculating the individual amount of support is the account balance at the time of application. The following scale applies:

Account balance:

< 100,00 €  = 500 € grant
100,00 – 199,00 € = 400 € grant
200,00 – 299,00 € = 300 € grant
300,00 – 399,00 € = 200 € grant
400,00 – 499,00 € = 100 € grant
>  500,00 € = no grant

All students can apply for monthly support, regardless of their nationality, number of semesters and proof of performance. The application must be made individually for each month. The application is made via the online portal

Please enclose the following documents:

  • Certificate of enrollment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) for the summer term 2020
  • Proof of identity (e.g. Personalausweis/passport)
  • Written statement explaining your hardship because of the pandemic
  • Bank statements since February/March (depending on your last income)
  • Declaration that a successful completion of your studies can be expected

Missing documents cannot be submitted later. So make sure that you have all the necessary documents enclosed with your application. The following deadlines apply to the application.

You can find further information here at the Studierendenwerk.

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