Start of Studies Winter Term 22/23

Dear First Years,
welcome to the University of Duisburg-Essen. As your student representation we have summarized some information for you.

The AStA
As the General Student Committee we are your official representatives. Among other things, we offer free legal and social counseling.
Normally, we offer a variety of events. From political discussions to pub nights or the annual campus party, there are endless possibilities.

Student Associations (Fachschaftsrat)
Every course of study has its own student association which represents its students.
You can find an overview of all student departments with contact information here. You will get to know your student council during the orientation week.

The Studiwerk runs the dormitories, daycare centers, refectories and cafeterias, but also offers a wide range of counseling services. The Studiwerk also coordinates BAföG applications.

Academic Counseling Center (Akademisches Beratungszentrum)
The ABZ advises prospective students on questions concerning the start of their studies. They support students during their studies and improve their career prospects with career-oriented offers.

Our social counselor Udo Gödersmann has prepared an overview for first semester students for the winter term 20/21. If you have more questions, you can contact him at