Härtefallantrag (Case of Hardship)

Person to contact regarding the case of hardship
Berk Eraslan– AStA referent for social politics,
office hours: in the lecture-free period by appointment only
For inquiries about the processing status, please use your university e-mail address and indicate your matriculation number.
The next meeting of the Hardship Committee will take place on 14.09.

Contact via e-mail: haertefallausschuss@stupa-due.de

Applications can only be handed in via postal mail to

Finanzreferat des AStA der Universität Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstr. 2
45141 Essen.

or hand them in directly at the servicepoint or the servicepoints letter box at room T02 S00 K15 for Campus Essen and LF019 for Campus Duisburg.

1. FAQ
2. Which documents do I need?
3. Where can I hand in the application?
4. Deadlines
5. Contact points for financial problems
6. How the application is being processed
7. More information on Case of hardship
8. Further information for re-registration
9. Information regarding the processing of your personal data

1. FAQ
What does Härtefall mean?
Härtefall literally translates to case of hardship. It means that you are in sudden, unforeseeable financial emergency which you did not cause yourself.
How does the AStA help?
After a successful application, we either pay for your Semesterticket for the next semester or repay the amount you paid for your Semesterticket in the ongoing semester. This depends on the kind of application you hand in.
How fast do we reply?
The Härtefall panel meets every 3 to 4 weeks. You can find the date of the next meeting here.
What does takeover of cost mean?
Takeover of costs means that the AStA is going to transfer the money for the Semesterticket to UDE directly. You must only pay the remaining amount (“Studiwerkbeitrag and “Studierendenschaftsbeitrag”). If you the university charges a fee because the payment is being made after the deadline, then you have to pay that.
What does refund mean?
Refund means that the AStA is going to repay you the amount you paid for the Semesterticket. You can only apply for this option after you already paid the fee to the university.
Can I hand in the application in English?

2. Which documents do I need to send in?

  • The filled out form with all the attachments (the form for a refund application or the form for a takeover application)
  • Proof of your financial situation (copy of bank statements from the last 3 months for all your bank accounts, also e.g. master card accounts)
  • Depending on which application form you take, we also need
    • a certificate of costs of the University Duisburg-Essen (you can find this in HISinOne university portal after your login via My Studies → Student Service → Requested Reports/Reports → Reports → Bescheinigung der Gebühren), if you chose the refund application
    • immatriculation certificate (if you are re-submitting for another semester) or acceptance letter of the UDE (if you are a freshmen), if you chose the takeover application

Please keep in mind that the commitee can only proceed with your application once you have handed in all necessary documents.

3. Where can I hand in the application?
Due to the current situation you must send your application to the following address:

Finanzreferat des AStA der Universität Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstr. 2
45141 Essen.

4. Deadlines
You can hand in application for a takeover until the 31st of August for a summer term or the 28th/29th of February for a winter term.
Applications for a refund must be handed in until the last day of a semester. So if you want to apply for a summer term the deadline is the 30th of September and for a winter term the deadline is the 31st of March.

You have to send in all necessary documents until that deadline.

5. Contact points for financial problems
There are several contact points which can help you in financial emergencies.

6. How the application is being processed
The Härtefall panel is part of the UDE’s student parliament. They decide on your application. Members are elected for one year. This means that your contact person might change. You can find the date for the next panel meeting here. If you have any questions, please contact the panel via e-mail haertefallausschuss@stupa-due.de or visit them during their office hours. Only they can provide you with information.

If the panel did not meet after three weeks after your handed in your application, please contact the AStA financial office.

You can also contact the AStA Department for Social Policy or the Social Counseling Service at any time if you have questions regarding applications or other financing options.

If you are not satisfied with the overall process or the decision the Härtefall panel has come to, please contact the AStA chair. They will reevaluate your case.

7. More information on Härtefall:

With this “Härtefallregelung”, the student parliament of the University of Duisburg-Essen is following a legal obligation arising from the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia. Consequently, the parliament has created the possibility of paying or refunding part of the costs of re-registration – namely those for the mobility contribution (contribution for the Semesterticket). The funds for this are raised by the other students as part of their student body contributions. The legal basis for this can be found in the “Beitragsordnung der Studierendenschaft” and in the “Ordnung zur Rückerstattung und Übernahme der Kosten des Mobilitätsbeitrages der Studierendenschaft der Universität Duisburg-Essen“. Those students who are in a temporary financial emergency and would not be able to begin or continue their studies without this assistance are entitled to receive this assistance.

“Temporary” means that this support should be a temporary exception. The emergency situation and the exceptional case must be presented in writing to the Härtefall panel. If you have fundamental problems with the financing of your studies, please contact the social counseling service of the AStA or the Studierendenwerk (as early as possible).

As a “Härtefallantrag“, you need to submit an application. The primary concern is the authenticity of the signature. We provide forms which you are supposed to use for the application. It is only possible to apply in written form with your own signature and not by a telephone call or a visit to the AStA (but we will of course assist you with the application). And no worries – nobody expects you to fill out the form in perfect German or “polished language”. If it is easier for you, you can write in English.

There are two different payment methods: The takeover or the refund.

Takeover of costs means that the AStA is going to transfer the money for the Semesterticket to UDE directly. You must only pay the remaining amount. Refund means that you pay the “Sozial- und Studierendenschaftsbeitrag” (social and student body contribution) and the AStA is going to transfer the amount you paid for the Semesterticket directly to your bank account.

The student body of the university only pays for the ticket. The remaining part of the re-registration fee you have to pay yourself. If you miss the re-registration deadline (possibly also due to late submission of this hardship application), the university will charge an additional administrative fee of 10€, which you will have to pay for yourself.

8. Further information for re-registration

The re-registration period for the winter semester 2021 runs from June 28 to August 27, 2021. The re-registration fee for the summer semester 2021 is 320.38 €. This includes 209.38 € mobility contribution (VRR Ticket (151.98 €) + NRW Ticket (57.40 €)) + 95 € social contribution (for the Studierendenwerk) + 16 € student body contribution. If you miss the re-registration deadline, an administrative fee of 10 € will be added. The payment of the fees is part of the registration and re-registration for studies at the University of Duisburg Essen. This is regulated in § 4 (Registration) and § 8 (Re-registration) of the Registration Regulations of our university.

Payment must be made within the registration or re-registration deadline specified by the university. It is still considered to have been made on time if it is received by the university no later than the 6th working day after the expiry of this deadline. A later receipt of payment will result in the university charging an administration fee of 10 Euros (which must then be paid without being asked. There will be no further reminder).

It is one of the duties of the students to re-enroll in time and to pay the fees. If they fail to do so, the university will send a reminder. In doing so, the university will point out the legal consequences of exmatriculation and set a deadline for subsequent payment. If this last deadline is not met, the student will be de-registered on the last day of the semester for which he or she has regularly re-registered (§ 6 (5) of the Registration Regulations).

Please remember that without re-registration, your Semesterticket is invalid from the beginning of the following semester. Furthermore, if you are not (yet) enrolled/re-registered for the semester in question, you cannot take any exam or register for any exam. The examination office will then have a corresponding blocking notice. Your health insurance obligation as a student ends at the end of the month after the semester for which you last re-registered. If there is no other compulsory insurance from the second month onwards, the responsible health insurance company will include you in a so-called “Auffangversicherung” (“catch insurance”) without your intervention (but after a prior hearing). They are obliged to do so. The monthly minimum contribution there is about 200 Euro.

Students with a “student visa” will face problems with the immigration authorities because they will ask why your studies were interrupted or why you left university. The consequence is then at least a “Fiktionsbescheinigung”. With this, you are allowed to go to work, but it will be difficult to find an employer who wants to employ you.

BAföG, child benefit, orphan’s allowance, orphan’s pension, the maintenance claim against the parents, the public service allowance, family insurance – they all tie in with the status of “student” for adults. You no longer have this status if you are no longer enrolled.

Please take care of issues like these as early as possible, e.g. when you realize that you cannot pay the fees for re-enrollment.

9. Information regarding the processing of your personal data
You are providing us with personal information of yours that we did not have access before, if you send in this application. How your data is handled is written in the regulation of takeover and refund of the semesterticketcontribution of the student body of the university Duisburg-Essen in §5. You can download this document on our website, but it is available in german only. So here is a translation:
• every accepted application will be archived for 10 years
• all documents of every declined application will be deleted/annihilated after one year has passed.