Department for Student Associations

The department for student associations is one of the autonomous departments and serves as a link between the AStA and the student associations. They are responsible for the student representation. In addition, the department is also the first point of contact in university life when it comes to timetables, faculty representation, etc. We represent the student associations, or communicate the wishes, decisions, etc. that have been made at the student association conferences to the AStA, and vice versa. We also communicate central topics in the AStA to the student association conferences.


If you have further questions or want to know how we operate, have a look at:

Your Department for Student Associations


Essen: T02 S00 K06
Duisburg: LF027
-office hours by arrangement-

Representatives and their responsibilities:

Constanze Becker responsible for:

Robin Pannhausen responsible for:

Jessie Wurzalla responsible for:
Interconnection of student associations and committees

Patrick Schäfer responsible for:
Election documents/bodies’ certificates/FL-FSK /email list/blue cards


Address for inhouse mail
“Poststelle Essen Fachschaftenreferat”

Our mail address is:
Fachschaftenreferat der Universität Duisburg-Essen
Campus Essen, Raum: T02 S00 K06
Universitätsstr. 2
45117 Essen

Fachschaftenreferat der Universität Duisburg-Essen
Campus Duisburg, Raum: LF 027
Lotharstr. 65
47057 Duisburg

You can also reach us via e-mail: