Autonomous Womens*’ Department

As an autonomous women*’s department, we represent the interests of female students
and are committed to the equality of all genders and stand against sexism and
discrimination at our university.

We are contact persons for all students who have experienced or observed sexism and we try to support those affected. In particular, we would like to strengthen the position of women* who are affected by several forms of discrimination and therefore we also stand up against racism, homophobia and other shit.

By organizing lecture series, we want to inform the students about feminist struggles and discourses, and we want to present and discuss different feminist theories. At the same time, through workshops, breakfasts, and other events, we offer a space for exchanging ideas, discussing feminist issues and getting to know each other.

There is currently no one elected into the Autonomous Womens* Department. Please contact the chair of the students parliament, if you would like to know how to build up the department.